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Boot Care

We pride ourselves in making quality products that last. To get the most out of your boots we recommend keeping the leather clean, water-proofed and conditioned. Listed below are a few cleaning tips that can help you prolong the life of your boots:

Boot Cleaning
Clean any visible dirt or mud from your boots by using a wet rag, sponge, or soft brush. Particles and debris can work their way into small pores of the leather, causing it to dry out and deteriorate. Once you have cleaned the leather we recommend applying a conditioning product such as wax or oil. Nubuck, and suede leathers should be properly cleaned but do not require addition products.

We offer boots featuring a waterproof membrane for complete moisture penetration protection. This feature is not standard on all boots, and it's important to treat the leather of any boot on a regular basis to keep the leather fibers in good shape. We recommend applying a water repellent spray or gel to protect the leather from water and stains.

Boot Dressing
Regularly conditioning your boots will prevent damage such as flaked, faded, cracked, or excessively dry leather. Treating full-grain leather products with a conditioner when you notice the leather is drying out will help extend the life of the material, and will help to restore the rich color of the leather. Follow the instructions provided with the conditioning product of your choosing.